Corporate Travel

Simeliza Tours offers a specialist hands-on approach providing cutting-edge technological support, personalised, one-stop-shop travel solutions and exceptional travel expertise supporting your company’s overall business goals.

Trust our experts to offer you:

  • 1.Tailor-made, hassle-free business travel management
  • 2.Executive transfers
  • 3.A true partnership with a reputable travel brand
  • 4.Complimentary wine, snack and business newspaper for the day
  • 5.Exceptional 24/7 personalised service
  • 6.Focus on your business goals
  • 7.National representation: Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban
  • 8.Dedicated team focus
  • 9.Access to wifi and tablet while in transit
  • 10.Solid supplier relationships